Taylor Grant


About Taylor

Taylor Grant grew up in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways in southern Missouri. As a child, she met so few people that she fully believed the whole park belonged to her. Her stories examine isolation, self-determination, and our inner wilderness.

She graduated from Stephens College in 2013 with a degree in Creative Writing and Marketing and has advanced in both the Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting and the Austin Film Festival.

Taylor's lifelong horse affliction and her husband's veterinary education company keep her busy, but she enjoys writing neo westerns, gritty dramas, and adventure stories.

Taylor's Latest

Savage By Nature

Feature    |    Drama, Neo Western

A young woman accidentally kills the man sent to evict her from her childhood home. Before the house is demolished, she must find her estranged father in the Rocky Mountains with the help of a novel disguise to evade the law.

Notable Achievements:
2022 Academy Nicholl Fellowships
Second Rounder
2023 Austin Film Festival