Raelyn Munneke

Writer   |   Director

About Raelyn

Interviewing sports stars for ESPN was fun, but the sideline perspectives truly enriched the art of stories for Raelyn. From Oklahoma roots to the University of Texas, and now, NWA, she’s been a documentarian for 18 years, yet wrote Full House specs at age 8.

Her path through documentary and narrative has created a wealth of living to pour into characters and story themes of determination despite expectation.

Her scripted work has led to recognition at the 2022, 2023 Austin Film Festival and CineStory quarterfinals, continuing to motivate the juggle of life with three kids and this adventure called filmmaking.

Raelyn's Latest


Pilot    |    Sci-fi

When a genetic scientist's discovery is leaked - revealing the exact day a given person will die - her team must choose either polarizing fame as the world spirals into divisive chaos or cage the tech monster and destroy her new creation.

Notable Achievements:
Second Rounder
2022 Austin Film Festival
Second Rounder
2023 Austin Film Festival
2024 Cinestory Fellowship