Joseph McCulley

Writer   |   Editor

About Joseph

Joseph McCulley is an independent filmmaker and photographer born and raised in Northwest Arkansas. He has always aspired to work in film and has worked in various positions including editor and cinematographer.

He has written an award-nominated documentary short (A Graphic Novel Life), a psychological drama short (Theory of Identity), a comedy short (Whose Tab Is It), and a drama short (Hero). Joseph has been a member of the NWA SWC since 2022.

He likes to write screenplays about relationships and the everyday, simple things of life. He lives with his wife, Taylar, their son, Jeremiah, and their two dogs and cat.

Joseph's Latest


Pilot    |    Sci-fi

In a familiar but near-future world, when a genetic scientist's discovery is leaked - the definitive day of each person's death - her team is conflicted to let the world spiral into divisive chaos or pull back the reins and hide.

Notable Achievements:
Second Rounder
2022 Austin Film Festival
Second Rounder
2023 Austin Film Festival
2024 Cinestory Fellowship